Jumpsuit - Bardastadir


Warm and cozy baby jumpsuit.  Knitted of super soft 100% merino wool.

  • 100% merino wool
  • Snap crotch for easy diaper changing
  • Real horn buttons

Details & Care 

Warm and cozy baby jumpsuit.  
Knitted of super soft 100% merino wool.

Wash by hand at maximum 30°C.
Use mild detergent recommended for wool and delicate fibers.
Do not soak the garment for more then 10 minutes.
Do not wring or twist, but squeeze the water gently out of the garment.
Pull garment into shape and lay it flat for drying allowing natural airflow.
Note that it is often enough to air the garment, pluck pills and brush lightly with clothesbrush.
All wool pills to a certain degree especially when the garment is new.
The pilling can easily be removed by plucking with hand and then brush lightly over garment with clothes brush.
Knitted garments can loose shape while worn or washed.
After washing, the garment is pulled into shape and laid out flat for drying.