Scented candles

URÐ candles are made from a blend of high-quality soya and beeswax.
The wick is 100% cotton. The candles are designed and packaged in Iceland.
Burning time is 40-45 hours. The candles are available in four seasonally-inspired aromas and they bear Icelandic names, descriptive of each season.

We recommend cutting the wick to 0,5 cm, to avoid black smoke.
By not burning the candle for more than two hours at at time, the candle's scent will be preserved. 
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Scented candle, winter - Stormur's scent is a combination of wood floral notes, tobacco, along with a deep, warm note of musk.
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Scented candle - Autumn, Dimma's refreshing scent is a combination of fruit, rich spices and conifer.