FÓLK is an emerging Icelandic interior and lifestyle brand founded in 2017. FÓLK makes designs for modern sustainable living. 

At FÓLK we work with progressive designers on smart homeware, furniture and lifestyle products focused on sustainability, responsibility and transparency around the production process. Our vision is to enable and inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


The Urban Nomad wall shelves are 12 different types , which is designed to fit a flexible home. It is multi-functional and designed for hanging with specially designed poles and hooks.

Hopefully it will be handed down from generation to generation, but if not, it is fully recyclable and therefore contributing to a more circular economy.

The shelf can be used in any room of the home; the kitchen, the hall- way, the children’s room or the living room. Add our accessories, pole and hooks, for more functions. The shelf can carry up to 40 kg. However, the carrying capacity depends on the strength of the screws, plugs and the wall type.

The Console Table comes in two sizes and colour variation. It is strong and easy to assemble. 

Size: 68 x 27 x 84 cm 

Designed by Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson for FÓLK.

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