Icelandic products

L'atelier islandais is a store which was started by an icelandic woman living in beautiful Paris. It was created for the interest, passion and desire to make Icelandic design more accessible abroad. The online store offers a variety of Icelandic design -  everything from soaps to jumpsuits for children.

Black Lava Facial Mask

Detoxifying I Cleansing

Our highly effective and consciously crafted facial masks with powerful natural and wildcrafted ingredients make the ultimate home-spa facial ritual experience.

Detoxifying and cleansing facial mask with natural clays, wildcrafted Icelandic botanicals and volcanic ash.

Photo taken by @anikabatkowska

There's no place like home!

A lot of people work from home at the moment.

Have a look at our diverse and beautiful shelves collection. Make your home office pleasant and comfortable and working from home has never looked as good!

As We Grow
Timeless design - Dresses & cardigans
L'atelier Islandais
From soaps to socks, to shelves to vases
Utilisons des matériaux naturels, renouvelables et durables
Skincare products
Pure natural, vegan and cruelty free
L'atelier islandais
Variety of Icelandic products
Nomad wall shelves
Different sizes & colours
Scented candles
URÐ candles are made from a blend of high-quality soya and beeswax.
Icelandic salt
Ideal gift for salt fans
Sister dress in blue, made from 100% durable cotton, icelandic design


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