Icelandic products

L'atelier islandais is a store which was started by an icelandic woman living in beautiful Paris. It was created for the interest, passion and desire to make Icelandic design more accessible abroad. The online store offers a variety of Icelandic design -  everything from soaps to jumpsuits for children.

The delicious salt from Saltverk

Did you know that our Saltverk's Flake Salt is produced with 100% geothermal energy!

Saltverk Flaky sea salt is a crunchy, mineral-fresh Icelandic sea salt produced using only energy from geothermal hot springs in the northwest of Iceland.

Our salt making method is based on the 17th century old method practiced as well in Reykjanes. Geothermal energy is the sole energy source used, which means that during our whole process we leave zero carbon footprints on the environment.


Lavala Collection

One of our favourite is the Lavala collection.

The KER products are handmade in Iceland by the ceramic artist Guðbjörg Káradóttir. She produces candleholders, vases, bowl and cups.

The collection is made from porcelain mixed with volcanic ash from the southern peninsula in Iceland. The products are handmade, therefore each item is unique. 

Scented candles

Why not add a little golden colour to your interior!

BIRTA (Light) symbolises the constant daylight during the Icelandic summer. The scent is light, sweet and slightly powder like. It evokes memories from childhood of haymaking and innocent sun kisses cheeks.

Birta's scent is a combination of warm wood notes, amber and fresh flowers. 

Radiant Skin Powered By Icelandic Nature

Have you tried our products from Angan?! The collection includes bathsalt, facial mask, body oil and body scrub.

Angan handmakes their formulations in small batches using only the purest, sustainably sourced ingredients for your skin.

Free from: Parabens, PEGs, silicones, SLS, sulphates, and other synthetic ingredients.

The black lava salt is an Icelandic geothermal flaky sea salt blended with activated charcoal.
Lava Salt
From €9,99
Lavala coffee cup showing ash texture
Lavala Cup
From €24,00
Wooden figurine, atlantic puffin, icelandic design
Scented candle, winter - Stormur's scent is a combination of wood floral notes, tobacco, along with a deep, warm note of musk.
Skincare products
Pure natural, vegan and cruelty free
Utilisons des matériaux naturels, renouvelables et durables
L'atelier islandais
Variety of Icelandic products
Les savons Montagne sont fabriqués avec des huiles naturelles qui laissent la peau douce et nourrie.
As We Grow
Timeless design - Dresses & cardigans
L'atelier Islandais
From soaps to socks, to shelves to vases
Nomad wall shelves
Different sizes & colours
Icelandic salt
Ideal gift for salt fans

Add some colour to your interior!

Globule and Grit candle holders are handmade by pouring coloured layers that make up a graphical landscape. 

Each candle holder in unique.

Have a look at our collection.

Get to know our products better surrounded with magnificent Icelandic nature