Lavala collection

The Ker products are handmade in Iceland by the ceramic artist Guðbjörg Káradóttir. She produces candleholders, vases and tableware. The latest collections is called Lavala. The collection is made from porcelain mixed with volcanic ash from the southern peninsula in Iceland.

The products are handmade, therefore each item is unique. 

BLISS vase 

The  vase is modern but with a touch of ´70 style which has always fascinated the designer Anna Thorunn and gives every room an extra bliss. A bliss that puts you in a  state of joy and happiness. 

What's your BLISS ?

Please note that the opening on the vase is hand-cut and consequently no two vases are alike. 

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Lavala Vase
Lavala Vase
Bliss flower vase - transparent, icelandic design
Bliss flower vase - green, icelandic design
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