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The black lava salt is an Icelandic geothermal flaky sea salt blended with activated charcoal.
Lava Salt
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Lavala Espresso cup
From €24,00
Mini Icelandic moss salt scrub with natural fragrance of grapefruit and bergamot
Scented candle, winter - Stormur's scent is a combination of wood floral notes, tobacco, along with a deep, warm note of musk.
Volcanic glow body oil from Iceland - regenerating and illuminating body oil
Lavala bowl
This set contains: SEWEED BATH SALT 100 gr ICELANDIC MOSS SALT SCRUB 100 gr
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Arctic Thyme bath salt 300 grams
A pack of 100 grams of seaweed, birch and arctic thyme bath salt
URÐ's delicate autumn diffuser will infuse your home with refreshing scent blend of wood, conifer and spicy notes, reminding you of Icelandic autumn.
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Wild Icelandic arctic thyme salt
Arctic Thyme Salt
From €9,99
Lavala Vase
From €38,00
Black lava facial mask-sustainable skincare from iceland
Pocket dress in navy stripes. Made from organic cotton, Icelandic design.
Diamond cardigan in green. Made from 100% organic cotton, Icelandic design.
Sister dress in green, made from 100% durable cotton, icelandic design
Warm and cozy baby jumpsuit, Icelandic design. Knitted of super soft 100% merino wool.
Bliss flower vase - green, icelandic design