AS WE GROW - Materials

ALPACA WOOL is a naturally sustainable and temperature-regulating product, sourced directly from the alpacas that roam freely in their natural habitat. This type of wool is light and the fibre is hollow, making it ultra soft and able to provide superior insulation. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, lanolin-free and comparatively longer, stronger and more durable than other wool fibres. All our alpaca is fair trade, which ensures fair trade wages, continuing education opportunities, medical care and a safe and beautiful environment for all. Responsible use of the alpaca wool allows indigenous women an opportunity to work and pay for their kids to go to school.

MERINO AND HIGHLAND WOOL are naturally sustainable and temperature-regulating with soft and strong fibers. Merino wool is naturally antibacterial and highly resistant to odours caused by normal body perspiration or sweating. It is highly resistant to stains and has a very good durability.  

ORGANIC COTTON is a natural and eco-friendly fabric. What differentiates organic cotton is that it is grown as part of a balanced ecosystem. Soil is enriched with compost, creating healthy plants that attract fewer pests. Instead of using petroleum-based herbicides and pesticides, farmers pull weeds, trap bugs, rotate crops and use companion plantings such as corn to attract beneficial bugs and lure away pests.

PIMA COTTON is a higher-end type of cotton with a longer fiber than conventional cotton. It has a reputation for producing a smooth fabric that’s soft to the touch, wrinkle resistant and ultra durable. Pima cotton is said to have a 50% longer life expectancy than other cotton products. It’s also great for people who have sensitive skin. Pima cotton makes the fabric extremely durable and also extremely soft, which means your clothes will feel better and last longer. Pima cotton is also hypoallergenic and won't irritate even the most sensitive skin types. This means that on a micro-level there is less scratching and friction between your skin and the fabric.

LINEN is a natural fiber which has been used for centuries because of its amazing properties. The more it’s used, the softer it gets and it’s extremely durable, meaning it can last decades when cared for correctly. Linen fabric is also fully biodegradable which makes it a fantastic option for those who shop with an environmentally conscious mind.



FAIR TRADE means higher wages and community connections and investments in local communities. In addition to a central factory, our sweaters are knit in small workshops commonly staffed by family and friends.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a standard that covers the entire supply chain, from fiber to finished product. It is based upon respect for the people and our planet. GOTS-certified cotton guarantees that the raw material is grown organically, and that the production is processed organically and in a socially responsible way.

OEKO-TEX® certified wool guarantees that the raw material doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.