AS WE GROW - Sustainability

Designed and made to last

At AS WE GROW, we think about every step we take, from design to sourcing materials and from producing the garment to the products afterlife.

Our production has been limited to a minimum, meaning that we produce to order – not for stock and not for waste. Only for long-term use. We use the best raw materials available to ensure lifelong durability. The raw materials are produced without using harmful chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or defoliants. In the dyeing process we use dyes that are metal free and low impact dyes that meet strict environmental guidelines.

Uniquely, each AS WE GROW size lasts for at least half more time than the average children’s product. This allows the child to grow and keep on using the products for a longer time, resulting in less waste and fewer shopping sprees for the parents. Our clothes have been specifically designed to last, to encourage longevity, while retaining a hand-me-down quality. The uniqueness of the design is in the shape and flexibility of the clothing that can grow with the child.

Based on the clever utilization of former generations, we focus on the increasing value clothes gain by being used by many children. By being able to use a garment for longer than usual the respect for the environment is tremendous in addition to that,  emotional value is created with the added history to long-lived pieces. We hope that AS WE GROW garments will in that way become part of people’s history and connect people and generations.

Repair-reuse-reduce is the only responsible way to treat your garments and at the same time look after the environment. To extend the life of your AS WE GROW product we partner with pensionists that repair our products for longer use. For all handknits we partner with indigenous women to create a sustainable flow of income for them.