How it all began...

Thank you for visiting L’atelier Islandais. My name is Elísabet and I'm an interior designer from Iceland. I live in beautiful Paris with my French husband and our two young sons. The store was created for the interest, passion and desire to showcase Icelandic design and make it more accessible abroad. 


Growing up on an isolated island in the North Atlantic shapes you. Iceland’s winters are cold and long and the summer nights are endless, with 24 hours daylight. Nature’s energy is vibrant and the landscape is breathtaking, otherworldly at times. All this spurs into the creativity of Icelandic designers influenced by the rugged nature, erupting volcanoes, spewing geysers, sprawling lava fields and massive glaciers.  

That’s what makes Icelandic design special that’s what makes me love their design. 

Icelandic design

With L’atelier Islandais I want to support Icelandic designers. The products are handpicked and I have a close relationship with the designers. It's a store which emphasizes on quality and good service. All the products are made in Iceland or Europe!

 I hope you enjoy L’atelier Islandais.  Follow us and find inspiration on Instagram and Facebook, see new products and to get information when our pop-up store will take place in Paris.

Artic Beauty for your skin

Treat yourself or your loved ones with some Icelandic nutritional skincare.

Made in Iceland - 100% natural - vegan - wildcrafted ingredients 


The collection is called Lavala,  it's made from porcelain mixed with volcanic ash from the southern peninsula in Iceland.

The products are handmade, therefore each item is unique. 

Matching socks for the family

The beautiful pattern socks are always a good idea for the coming winter. 

Warm and soft woolen socks.