Outfits ideas for the little ones

AS WE GROW is an Icelandic design company, which executes “slow fashion”. No mass
production is used and only eco-friendly raw materials are chosen in the production of each garment.  The pieces are simple yet luxurious and designed to grow with the child.

A true story 

Since hand knitting is part of Icelandic culture and we all learn to knit in school when we are children, we share a certain awareness of time and love associated with knitted pieces of clothing.
AS WE GROW is developed around a true story about a knitted sweater’s journey from one child to another over several years. The sweater became a part of the friendship and history of the families involved, and in a way it linked a chain of people together.


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Sister dress in blue, made from 100% durable cotton, icelandic design
Diamond cardigan in green. Made from 100% organic cotton, Icelandic design.
Sister dress in cream. Made from 100% durable cotton, icelandic design
100% Alpaca collar with shell button fastening.  Designed in Iceland