FÓLK Reykjavik

FÓLK is an emerging Icelandic interior and lifestyle brand founded in 2017. FÓLK makes designs for modern sustainable living. 

At FÓLK we work with progressive designers on smart homeware, furniture and lifestyle products focused on sustainability, responsibility and transparency around the production process. Our vision is to enable and inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Research shows that 80% of a product's environmental impact is decided upon in the design phase. We firmly believe that entrepreneurs have a big role in innovating new processes and changing the way of doing things. Much can be achieved by applying design thinking to old processes, to find new ways of solving needs and problems and decreasing negative environmental and social impacts of production.  

We believe that consumers are in general environmentally-conscious people that are not looking for new products, but rather solutions to solve their problems and increase their quality of life.  For us the home is a powerful place where we gather a collection of stories through objects and furniture. When aesthetics, functionality and clever solutions in interior design come together it’s a win-win for everyone.

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